For the Board-Ready Executive

Our Mission

We provide a uniquely effective and easy-to-use marketing platform for executives and directors seeking board opportunities. At the same time, we provide a powerful and simple way for businesses (both for-profit and nonprofit) to fill board positions, without the usual barriers to entry.

The Board-Ready Executives Business Advantage

Board-Ready Executives utilizes the portal concept, which leads to high rankings on Google and other search engines. Our web portal gives market visibility to executives looking for active board opportunities. Looking for an easy way to establish an online presence where you will be noticed by organizations looking to fill board roles? Board-Ready Executives is a network of professionals made up of people like you interested in joining boards, as well as people from organizations interested in filling board openings. If you’re an executive seeking a board position, our unique online space ensures that information about you is made readily available to the people you most want to see it.

Membership Investment

The Board-Ready Executives professional portal shows who you are and what you are looking for in a board position. It highlights your prior board experience, awards and certifications, industry affiliations, testimonials, resume and bio, and (optional) video. You will receive a custom URL for a page that includes all the necessary SEO to get you found by companies, nonprofits, and executive search firms looking to fill positions on their boards.

Board-Ready Executives creates a vital web presence to help you secure board positions!

  • Visible marketability of you and your qualifications
  • High search engine rankings—so you will be easily discovered
  • One-stop source of information on you in a reputable web portal
  • Built-in SEO—so you don’t have to deal with the technicalities
  • Organizations can see what opportunities you are seeking

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